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Who We Are

Impression Technologies LLC is a full-service design and development firm specializing in external and internal systems and marketing for supporting and promoting our clients’ operations, products and services.


Starting out as a sole proprietor independent consultancy in 1994, Impression Technologies was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) under the laws of the State of New Jersey in December 2002. Impression Technologies’ Federal Tax ID is 57-1139587.

Mr. Matt Mrowicki, Impression Technologies’ President, remains its sole stockholder.

Company Management and History

Matt Mrowicki, President

Mr. Mrowicki received his degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Business Management, from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (N.J.I.T.) in Newark, NJ in 1994. While still in school, he began his career as part of the school’s cooperative education program, going to work for Pike Machine Products, a manufacturer of plastic and aluminum doors for the refrigeration and deli case industry that was installing a new accounting and manufacturing system. Upon completing his project work and moving on to his next position, Pike asked Mr. Mrowicki to continue working for the company as an independent consultant, becoming his first client. Today, Pike Machine continues to be one of Impression Technologies’ most important clients, beginning our tradition of long and successful working relationships.

Mr. Mrowicki continued his career working for several companies in New Jersey, serving as the Information Technologies Manager or Director for companies in the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. Serving as the chief technical executive with every company he worked for, Mr. Mrowicki rolled-out numerous successful projects affecting every level of the enterprise. These projects have included accounting and financial systems, quality control and quality assurance, EDI, inventory control and management, shipping and accounts payable and receivable.

In 1996, while working for State of the Art Medical Products, a regional distributor of surgical instruments and other medical equipment - who would also later become an Impression Technologies client - Mr. Mrowicki designed and developed his first website. Combining his technical experience and expertise and expanding his knowledge of web design and marketing, Mr. Mrowicki began to develop a two-sided approach to supporting his companies and clients: have strong, positive and effective sales and marketing efforts outside of the organization supported by solid and technically-innovative internal systems.

Through 2001, Mr. Mrowicki continued to work as an independent consultant, supporting previous employers who retained his services to support existing systems or advance new initiatives. In 2001-2002, Mr. Mrowicki added his first clients who were not previous employers and significantly expanded his portfolio of website production credits.

In 2001, he expanded into e-mail and Internet marketing, writing and editing the online newsletter for the legendary Stone Pony rock club in Asbury Park, NJ. Mr. Mrowicki’s association with the notable venue, one of the world’s most famous clubs, led to a large and growing business in the music and entertainment field. Impression Technologies has since become the top design and website production firm on the New Jersey music and entertainment scene. Other important clients in the entertainment field include the Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan, NJ, The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, Newark Symphony Hall and the ArtsPower National Touring Theatre, as well as numerous national, regional and local artists. He has been called the "Web Designer to the Stars," and now holds the trademark on that term.

Incorporating his consulting business as Impression Technologies LLC in late 2002, Mr. Mrowicki continued to expand the business while continuing to work full-time as a senior technical executive, first for P&R Fasteners, a national contract manufacturer and distributor of fasteners to the automobile and power tool industries and, later, for The Lumiscope Company, a distributor and marketer of health care and diagnostic medical devices.

The addition of Fiesta Products LLC to our portfolio in 2004 marked another important expansion of our service offerings. Fiesta Products, designers and distributors of beautiful and functional kitchenware and bakeware products, retained Impression Technologies to assist with the launch and promotion of their Sil-Pin™ line of silicone rolling pins. Impression Technologies provided Fiesta Products with product photography, print advertising design, packaging and counter displays, as well as marketing consulting and assistance in the art design of upcoming products, to support this important product launch. The Sil-Pin™ product line and other products marketed by Fiesta have since become some of the hottest products in their industry, and are carried by the top online, brick-and-mortar and on-air retail outlets in the world. Our association with Fiesta Products also expanded our international presence, working with partners in Europe to support this exciting project.

In October 2005, Mr. Mrowicki left his full-time position at The Lumiscope Company to focus primarily on growing and expanding Impression Technologies. Lumiscope retained Mr. Mrowicki as a part-time consultant, again reinforcing our goal of building and maintaining strong, lasting and beneficial business relationships.

Impression Technologies currently enjoys rapid growth and an expanding base of satisfied clients. Revenue growth in 2006 was 203% and we continue to add to our services and business partnerships to add increasing value to our diverse selection of clients.


Impression Technologies services more then 100 clients across the United States. The majority of our clients are based in New Jersey, with other clients located throughout the country.